Apple Macs

Apple Mac Set up

Apple Mac Set Up is hassle free set up and configuration of your new Mac. Fresh Computing will set up your user accounts, set up parental controls if necessary and install & configure any software or peripherals bought with your new Mac to get you set up and using your new Mac.

PC to Mac Data Transfer

Fresh Computing will safely and securely transfer files, photos, movies and music securely from your old Windows PC to your new Apple Mac – meaning you don’t lose any precious files.

OS X Snow Leopard/Lion Installation

Apple most recent operating system is OS X Snow Leopard/Lion. This new revision brings faster computing, support for new features and technologies and more. Get the most from your Mac computer and call Fresh Computing take care of the installation.
Apple Macs

  • Hassle free set up of your new Mac
  • Install and configure software
  • Securely transfer personal files, photos and music from your old PC
  • We’ll back up your files, install Snow Leopard/Lion, and then restore your files