Broadband and Wireless

Network Setup

Having a network with wireless in your home gives you the freedom to do some pretty cool stuff with technology. You can browse the net around your home, stream you music, movies and photos, share printers and more. The Internet and Wireless service takes the hassle and confusion out of getting your network up and running. If you haven’t already got a wireless router and broadband Internet connection we can give advice and we’ll come to your home and get you up and running in no time.
Cable Router

  • We can log into your computer via Secure Remote Support
  • We check for computer viruses that could be the cause of crashes
  • We’ll advise on ways to secure your Internet connection
Network Troubleshooting

Often Internet connection issues are due to a telephone line fault, so check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) first. But if all is good at their end, as they’re not always responsible for helping you any further. But we can and we’ll soon diagnose what has gone wrong and fix it.