Data Recovery and Backup

Data Recovery

If the hard disk drive in your home desktop or laptop computer has failed and you can no longer access your data Fresh Computing is here to help you. Whether you have accidentally deleted important files from your hard drive, or your hard drive has become corrupted, or you have wiped your data by mistakenly formatting your drive.

Data Backup or Transfer

Invaluable pictures, a huge music collection and critical documents could all easily be deleted by mistake. We keep our whole world on our computers these days, but what if a virus destroys your hard drive or you accidentally delete a folder?

Data Cleanse

Thinking about selling your old PC or trading it in? Fresh Computing recommends you must leave no trace of your personal information on your machine. Fresh Computing can remove everything from the hard drive and wipe it clean using special software to prevent identity fraud.
Data Recovery

  • We recovery of deleted or corrupted files
  • Retrieve invaluable photos, videos files and music
  • Recover lost files from hard drives, memory cards and USB sticks
  • Transfer files to a new hard drive, CD or DVD
  • No Recovery, No Fee