PC Setup and Customisation

PC and Laptop Setup

Just brought a new PC? Wading through manuals and wrestling with masses of cables? Let us deal with the stress and get your new PC working just the way you need it to. Don’t let user accounts, Windows updates, Internet security settings or desktop shortcuts confound you. We take all the hassle out of buying a new desktop or laptop with our PC Setup and Upgrade service.
PC Laptop Desktop

  • It doesn’t matter where you bought your new machine
  • We’ll unpack, check and install your PC, printer and software, start up your PC, and set up user accounts
  • Get your Internet connection if available connected to the PC
  • Create a recovery disk if not supplied
  • Install all major security operating system updates
  • Finally any questions about the PC

You won’t need to lift a finger. We’re here to make computing easy-to-understand and your machine ready to enjoy without any fuss.