PC Upgrades

PC and Laptop Upgrades

If you’ve had your PC or Laptop for a couple of years you might of noticed it becoming a bit sluggish, or maybe your new software isn’t working as well as you expect? If that sounds familiar then our PC and Laptop Upgrade service is just the thing to breathe new life into your current PC or Laptop. Fresh Computing can install RAM, new graphics and sound cards or a bigger hard drive to give you more storage space.
PC Upgrades

  • We check that your selected upgrade will work with your PC or Laptop
  • We install and configure the upgrade for you
  • Cleaning of the inside of your PC or Laptop to remove dust and dirt that builds up
PC Tune/Check Up

Computers have to deal with a lot in their lifetime browsing the web, send emails, chat, listen to music, edit home movies, shop, banking and so much more. All this work takes its toll and sometimes it’s a good idea to give your PC a tune up. Fresh Computing gives your computer and thorough check up to make sure everything is running smoothly, make sure there are no nasty viruses or spyware, and then give it a good clean inside and out. When we’re done we’ll have a chat with you about any problems you are having and suggest any upgrades that will help.

Prices starting from:

PC Upgrade Price
* Price excludes any software or parts needed to repair your PC.